Monday, October 10, 2011

people around me


Do you guys believe that people around us can influence our personality and attitude?
well, i do believe this fact.
cause its happen to me and i found it hard to handle with.
cause when i'm in Egypt, people around me is so good.
i mean they are really kind,good hearted....they are good in practicing our religion which is Islam,
they are good people with good manner.
so i always feel inferior when i am around them.
i feel like i am a bad person compared to them.(yeah i know i am bad)
so when i am around them i will automatically improve myself to be like them.
improve my attitude and my personality.
but the problem is when i come back to malaysia...
the situation is different.
and its hard for me to maintain my good attitude=(
am i a hypocrite??????? hmmm...sigh=(
i'm in dilemma~~~~

This is what we call biah solehah. we need a surrounding that encourage us to become a good person.
that's all.

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