Thursday, April 14, 2011

thinking of having a PET?

yep. i'm thinking of having a pet accompany my lonely life in cairo. i start to think about this idea when i passed by a shop selling pets lol. the goldfish in transparent bowl really catches my eyes.(but its colour is blue?)
 i wanna adopt him/her to take care of and to play with when i feel  bored of studying. well its kinda easy to have  fish as a pet rather than having cats, camels, birds or iguana as your pet  because we don't need to clean fish's waste products. we just need to change the water and give some food lol. so i conclude that fish is the best pet ever. i clarified here, a fish or maybe two or three is best because if there are more i think we will need bigger aquarium and that will increase the load of work heheh. hmmmm when will i get the fish anyway? tomorrow? naaa tomorrow is holiday. so maybe on weekdays next week. i will let u guys know either i'm having the fish or not~=P

so here a pic of my pet-to-be which i took from google~
the real pic will be here when i bought the fish lol

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